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this game should be closer than the 2 Championship blowouts..
Seattle has been impressive...Pitt. has really shown-up the last few, like the fact they have shown confidence in turning the offense over to Rothlisberger.....Cohwer now has an offence and defense that aren`t predictable...they never would have been a 6th seed had they played like this earlier...also the Bettis factor warrants some consideration...he`s one of their leaders and loved by all...

no rush to get down...so i`ll wait...right now it`s Pitt for me...and lean to under
Pop how have you been? Pittsburgh is my lean too as of now, I will start looking at it a lot closer Thursday or Friday should have a pick by Saturday night or Sunday morning. Just looked over at OSB wow there is some drama over there LOL, someone needs to take those children's keyboards away from them. GL to ya, let me know if you see any intresting stats or trends that make you lean one way or the other.. GL

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