Huge Bet

Fuck me!!! Not giving up for sure. Just life! I still believe that I will make huge profit in the playoffs in this miserable season for me.
100* Alabama at any line you have
50* Jaguars -8 +100
50* Saints -6-117
50* Jaguars TT Over
50* Saints TT Over
Come on! Let's Rock And Roll!!!!
I hope at least some of you pushed on Alabama. All positive energy here.
50* Eagles +3
50* Eagles +13, Eagles UN 50.5 Titans +23.5
Good luck and let's start winning again.
I should be back tonight.
That was much needed as well.
3 more games left in the NFL, let's hit them all.
50* Jaguars +7.5
50* Eagles +3.5
100* Jaguars +17.5, Eagles +13.5, Jaguars over 36.5
Let's sweep again.
Good luck
Fucking refs doing everything they can in the power of Kraft and the other prick from Madison Ave to help fucking Brady's Bunch. Come on, 4 bull shit calls just in the last 3 minutes. Fuck this crap, corrupt shit! Jaguars will win it anyway. Enough is Enough and nobody is speaking. Same as in the state of our beautiful Country!!!!
This line tells you everything you need to know! Amazing opportunity to make a killing.
100* Jaguars 2H
Bank it!!!!
That was still very nice 90K pick up but 300K would be so much nicer. +290K run, let's smoke them in NCAA today with some very hot ATS teams.
I will be back here tomorrow for Super Bowl.
25* Wyoming Over 150
25* Louisiana Lafayette-10.5
25* Kent +1.5
25* Loyola Chi -8
5* Parlay all 4
I can smell $weep here.
Good luck
So far so good!!! Eagles offense can't be stopped tonigh. They are on a mission!!!! Brady runs like the little scared boy he really is. No more fixes here. Eagles all the way to score into the 40s.
Let's make it happen. All those big plays and Brady's bunch scored 12 points. I love it!! 277 by the big pussy!!!!
100* Eagles +7 baby!!!
Big lean to the Over, not betting but I like it. Crazy!! Over 64??
Good luck!!!
I hope everyone is healthy and wealthy!!!!
That was some amazing Super Bowl for sure. One of the best ever for me!
Let's make some money again in March Madnesses.
25* George Washington +6
15* Money Line +225
25* Penn St +8
15* Money Line + 320
5* Money Line Parlay
Nice comeback for Penn St to push and you bet them late you could have +8.5. I will take that push. I should have posted my NBA yesterday. Best bets ever are anyone playing Cavs at Cleveland. After Denver cashing easily road teams there are 25-6. Incredible.
25* Raptors -8.5
25* 76ERS -1
25* Michigan +5
10* Money Line +180
10* Teaser top 3 bets
Good luck
Just amazing March Madness so far.
Nice dogs barking all the way to the bank! I love this time of the year.
Nova is your Champion or at least I hope so. Amazing Cinderellas stories.
25* Buffalo +6
25* ML +215
25* Duke
25* Seton Hall
15* ML
Good luck
The best March Madness ever!! All those dogs continue to bark all the way to the bank. Let's do it.
50* Loyola Chicago +1
50* Loyola Chicago Under 127
30* Florida St + 4
20* Florida St ML +170
Let's sweep today.
Good luck
I got greedy last night with ML play. I hope some of you won with Florida St as the line was +4.5 and +5 late. Loyola team is for real 100%. Only Villanova can beat them. This is just amazing story.
50* Nova -6
50* Nova Over 145
50* Duke
50* Loyola + 5.5
Betting big again today and hoping to sweep.
Good luck
That was very bad betting day for me.
25* Celtics -10
25* North Texas +4.5
25* Over - now the value is gone, but I still like it Over 145
25* Las Vegas - 1.5 +165
25* Las Vegas - 175
Good luck. I should be back tomorrow.
MLB is here and I will be here daily all season long. Let's hope for a season like few years back when I won almost 1 million dollars betting smaller the I am betting now. So let's play ball.
25* Yankees
25* Yankees RL all my bets are listed pitchers only.
Good luck
NBA tonight
25* Heat -13
25* Wizards Over 208
25* Pacers -8
25* Warriors -5 all chalk today in NBA
10* Utah +4
100* Yankees over 94 wins
Last time I was here basketball was awful. MLB of to a nice start.
I hope all of you bet Loyola +5.5 pasted here days ago as 50* play.
If you don't have them on money line play 50* +6 second half.
50* Villanova -5
Good luck.
Loyola roaring into the final!

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