Huge Bet

Villanova was just beautiful!!! I hope that everyone made nice coin.
MLB 3-1 +47.5*
All bets posted here over the years are up over $8.000.000 or over 8000*
I am really due for amazing run. Heating up.
15* Nationals -150
15* Twins +100
15*Diamondbacks +105
15* Yankees run Line -125
15* Jazz -7
15* Cavaliers-5.5
Good luck 🍀
I like how you post your baseball record but don’t mention how bad you were in the NCAA tournament or nba lol. That baseball record will disappear in a few weeks after you’re down like every other sport.
LMMFAOOOOOO!!!!! Are You brain dead? Suffering from lack of use? Has it completely atrophied???? Wow, let's answer to all the kids one last time. If you are fading me over the years you can't afford WI-FI in your mother basement, also last month has nothing to do with long term winning boy. I am up more money betting that you ever dreamed possible in anything. Stop posting in my thread, start your own. Period the end.

50* Nuggets +4
25* Nuggets ML +145
25* Yankees -102
25* Angels -1.5 +135
25* Angels -113
Good luck
I will be here everyday from now on until May 25 and then I will be back for World Cup.
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Ok back to sport.
25* Diamondbacks +190
25* +1.5 -115
25* Jazz +4.5
25* Money Line +165
Good luck. Let's go on on of those winning runs again.
You should change your name to Sebastiandelusionalplayer. You would have to be delusional to think you have a winning record. I knew that baseball record wouldn’t last long lol
Last 2 nights 1-8 -214.75*
Since March 3rd -680.75*
I would have never said a word but I couldn’t let you say something so ridiculous. There is no reason for you to lie about the record in this thread. You have lost big since 2014 and everyone knows it.
Thank you for keeping my record, now go back to 2014 and recap all of it you imbecile. Its all here!!!! Do that first before you open your dirty hole.
Awful day again last night. I am bettting big again.
50* Yankees -1.5 -140
25* Angels -163
25* Angels -1.5 + 130
25* Mariners + 169
25* Raptors -6.5 if this line goes down more I will bet more
25* Celtics - 2 look above,
25* Blazers Over 214
Good luck.
Tonight 2-5 -138.25*
Last 3 nights 3-13 -353*
Baseball record this season 10-13 -147.25*

I went back to 11/18/17 and you’re -1218.5* since then.

Like I’ve said over and over you’re delusional if you think anyone believes you have won big in this thread. You’ve lost big since 2014. It will just keep getting worse the more I go back. I still can’t believe you had the nerve to say you were up 8000* in this thread lol. I would have never commented in this thread if you didn’t say that.
Keep on digging, the truth is here in plain sight. I love stupidity, I absolutely love it. Start from the start, it might be easier for you. lmao😂🤣😂
25* Pacers +0.5 - 105
25* Over 105
25* Over 215 Houston
Good luck🍷🍷
Crypto investing is golden and sports betting sucks at the moment so let's fix the sports betting.
50* 76ERS
25* 76 ERS 3q
25* Blazers
25* Blazers 1h
25* Spurs 1h
25* Warriors 3q
25* Yankees Over
25* Angels
Come on!!
Last 5 nights -418*
Baseball record 2018 10-15 -197.5*
Record since 4/3/17 -2499.25*

I’m actually embarrassed for you. I knew you were one of the best fades on the internet but I didn’t think it was that bad. I went back over a year and you’re down 2500 units and you had the nerve to say you’re up 8000. The more I go back the worse it gets. I’ve read a lot of ridiculous posts before but this one tops them all. You’re definitely right about the truth being here in plain sight :ROFLMAO: It just proves you’re full of shit.
Where is the little boy? Are you still digging???? You should little boy, the truth is there! Let's uncover it. Say hello to your mom from me. Seriously, thank her to still have you in her basement.. 😂😂😂 To funny, it really is. Also I can't believe I am engaging in this childhood games. So stop talking shit and do all of it boy.
50* Diamondbacks
50* 76ERS
20* Yankees.
Good luck.

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